Back to School

One of the hope for a secured future is when the leaders of tomorrow are properly educated. When properly educated, their actions become guided and their opinions become informed. Also, they become the vessels that liberate the people from the enslavement of poverty and ignorance.

These future leaders are children, many of which are out-of-school as we speak. And it touches the heart that a lot of them are brilliant and promising.

We highlighted this problem and initiated the BACK TO SCHOOL programme. With it, children who ought to be in school but aren’t are provided with all they need to go back to school and become academically sound.

They are also monitored through their schooling days and provided career counseling from individuals who are successful in their different professions.

We intend to involve as many individuals and organisations as possible in making sure that children remain in school where they belong. You too can GET INVOLVED TODAY.

Skill Acquisition

It is good to give fish to a hungry man but teaching him the art of fishing is better. With it, he is able to cure his subsequent hunger pangs and cater for the needs of his family. We have an avenue through which we help the women and the youth cater for their immediate future needs by acquiring basic skills in:

    • Photography
    • Cinematography
    • Fashion designing
    • Make-up artistry
    • Information Technology
    • Shoe making
    • Event management
    • Art and craft
    • Barbing and hair making
    • Electrical and mechanical skills

With your support, a destitute can become financially independent and empower another individual. Get involved today to help train a helpless person and eradicate poverty.


Seeing the children dancing and singing along to tunes blazing from the speakers in the hall sends a signal of jolly fellas – without worries or woes.


AFEI went to schools randomly and unannounced with many schools / children in poor state of educational resources .


Over 400 children are those marked as beneficiaries of new school uniforms, school sandals and books provided by AFEI.